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Hi we thought we would share this with you. We have started investigating the origins of some of our sweets and came across this about brazil nuts.

A Brief Guide to Brazils

Brazil nuts grow near the tops of 150-foot-tall trees in hard casings similar to coconuts, but they are never imported in this form. Inside the case, 20 to 30 nuts fit together like the sections of an orange. The case and its contents can weigh anything up to 4.5kg, and individual trees can produce as many as 450kg of nuts.   Botanically the Brazil is actually a seed, rather than a nut – the nut is the coconut-sized thing. The cases fall off the trees when ripe, and are easily heavy enough to kill a person. Fatal accidents are not uncommon among collectors – they stop work at once if the wind suddenly strengthens, because this can cause a bombardment.   The Brazil trees only grow wild, not cultivated, and their pollination depends on the presence of a particular bee. The presence of the bee, in turn, depends on the presence of a particular orchid...which doesn’t grow on the Brazil trees. As a result, trees which are removed from the forest simply stop fruiting.



So the next time you tuck into one of these goodies, you will know where it's from.

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